About Us

The company was formed in 1982 by Graham Hellings, mainly for site work. In 1986, with the company expanding, Roy Butcher was appointed a director along side Graham Hellings.

In 1988 a need for a manufacturing base promoted the purchase of a 1500 sq.ft. workshop in St. Nicholas.

In 1989 with the manufacturing side increasing, a larger base was required and this resulted in the purchase of our present factory, a 4000 sq. ft. workshop in Margate.

We are now working mainly for the commercial sector, manufacturing bespoke metalwork as specified by our clients and working with them to achieve the look they are looking for. We use all types of metals to produce the items needed in the quickest possible time frame to ensure that there are no delays with the site-work. Examples of items we have produced are back bar fittings, skirting’s, lighting fixtures, bar tops, table tops and frames, seating just to name a few. If it’s manufactured in metal then we can more than likely help you with what is required.

Please visit our contact us page if you would like further information on something that we might be able to help you manufacture.